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Join The Review!

Are you looking to read more in the new year? Do you wish you could read more contemporary literature outside of the classroom? Consider joining The Review, the UHP’s book club! We are a small group of individuals who share a love for reading, yet find it challenging to find time to read for fun […]

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#HonorsProblems: Navigating The Impostor-Syndrome Horror of Honors Classroom Discussion

Academic terror.  Sheer intimidation.  My first day of Origins, I considered dropping out of the University Honors Program.  Was I smart enough to be here? Could I get high enough grades? Could I contribute thoughtfully to discussion? These were the doubts rushing through my mind.   I was surrounded by brilliant peers discussing their desire to […]

Somehow, I Manage: Figuring Out Life at GW with the Help of Michael Scott

Peer Advisor Michelle offers words of wisdom on managing life and college with a little help from our favorite regional manager of a Pennsylvania, mid-size paper provider, Michael Scott.


#HonorsProblems (But Not Really): The UHP Community

Peer Advisor Bridget discusses the benefits of the UHP community. A distinct image comes to my head when I think of college finals. You’re both anxious about the impending exams, papers, and projects, and excited for the well-deserved break and the chance to see friends and family. Perhaps the weather is finally chilly, or the […]


Apply to Be a Peer Advisor!

Advise and mentor perspective and incoming UHPers! Applications are due Monday, 1/28.


#HonorsProblems: Getting Stuck in the Foggy Bottom Bubble

Peer Advisor Linnea was shocked to realize she was trapped in the GW Bubble. Find out how she got out of it, and into the city!


Capitol Tour Rescheduled for Friday!

Peer Advisor Kyla will be leading a tour of the Capitol, where she interns, this Friday!


#HonorsProblems: Learning to Be a Professional

Peer Advisor Anshul shares some lessons he has learned through his various internship experiences.


#HonorsProblems: Reflections from a Humble Research Assistant

Peer advisor Lucy shares her experience working as a research assistant!


#HonorsProblems: Setting Your Non-Negotiables

Peer advisor Nicky has some wise words about finding opportunities that work for you.