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The Extra Curricular: Resident Assistant

Get the inside scoop on RA life from peer advisor Aaron.

Study Ablog: From No Regrets in Seville with Love

Peer advisor Ellen studied abroad in Spain and learned a whole lot more than just some Spanish!

#HonorsProblems: Surviving Organic Chem

Organic chem is known as a weed out course for pre-med students, but what lessons do you really learn in orgo? Peer advisor Naomi weighs in.

The Intern Files: Winrock International

Peer advisor Eva offers internship advice for students interested in international development.

The Extra-Curricular: Balance

Senior Annie writes a guest peer advisor blog post about her experience with Balance: The GW Ballet Group.

UHPers in the (White) House! [Profs on the Town]

Prof. Aviv’s Origins class toured the White House, and UHPer Benjamin tells all.

Study Ablog: From Paris with Love

Peer Advisor Alyssa writes about her year studying in France. That’s right, a whole year!

#HonorsProblems: Graduating Early, or an Essay of Hope

Peer Advisor Eva tackles deciding to graduate early in this edition of #honorsproblems.

The Intern Files: National Park Service

Peer advisor Michaela recaps the highs and lows of her internship with the National Park Service.

The Extra-Curricular: Generic Theater Company

Peer advisor Allie is really involved in an extra-curricular that has NOTHING to do with her major… and that’s great!