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UHP Student Peer Advisors Welcome the Class of 2016!

–This post is written by UHP student and SPA co-chair Kayley Sullivan. Welcome Class of 2016! You all will probably be hearing that a lot. As the incoming class, you will likely be bombarded with welcomes from every department, organization, and club you can think of—clearly, GW is very excited to welcome a fantastic freshman class! The […]

A Delightful Semester with Jane Austen [Research Stories]

–This post is written by UHPers Hannah Wendling and Madison Boggs, who served as research assistants to Professor Frawley this semester.  Prof. Frawley is also the director of the University Honors Program. Under the benevolent direction of Professor Frawley, Hannah Wendling and Madison Boggs have spent a very agreeable semester researching the revealing vocabulary of […]

A Message from Prof. Cheryl Vann

–Professor Vann will be away for our fabulous graduation reception this year, but wanted to send all graduating seniors this message. Though I can’t be physically with you, as I begin my Japan workshop in Hawaii on Sunday, I want to send along my regards and my wishes for your happiness and success.  I enjoyed […]

Relationships, Responsibilities, Relevance [Research Stories]

–This post is written by UHPer Chris Rossi, who served as a research assistant for Prof. Straehle. This semester, I have worked closely with Professor Manny Straehle in preparation for the annual meeting of the American Evaluation Association taking place in Minneapolis, MN from October 24-27. The 26th annual conference of the AEA, or “Eval […]

Hatchet Featured UHPers: From Farm to Plate

Check out these two great features at the Hatchet highlighting some of the very cool things our UHP grads are off to after graduation. Elyssa Kaplan is off to Paris to attend culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu, and Rebecca Remis is heading up to NY state to work on an organic farm.

Every Major’s Terrible [Just for Fun]

Here’s a teasing little piece from one of our favorite webcomics.  Make sure to sing along as you read it, and for all you graduating seniors out there — we hope  you’re more satisfied with your college degree than XKCD’s author is!

Get Involved in Research this Summer (Whether You’re In D.C. Or Not)!

Consider getting involved as a research assistant over the summer.  Prof. Buntman is looking for an undergraduate who has a bit of extra time this summer to work with her and another undergraduate on issues pertaining to criminal justice, sentencing policy, and political reform movements.  This opportunity can be done from anywhere in the world […]

Nobel Laureate Leads Priceless Journey

Students learn first hand from some of the most respected leaders in the field.

Hobbes: He’s Just Misunderstood [Research Stories]

UHPers team up to find out how scholars have misappropriated Hobbes since the 1950s.

Top Performing Education Reform [Research Stories]

Although borrowing practices from high achieving countries can be useful, it is critical to first understand how and why top-performing countries are thriving and to contextualize successes within a cultural and normative framework.