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It’s the Final Countdown…

It’s finals! You don’t have time for long posts. In fact, you’re probably only reading this because you’re procrastinating from studying. So head on over to the UHP Twitter Page and get all of your updates in 140 characters or less. That’s a decrease of over a certain %! A-MAY-ZING! Start following us on twitter […]

DC and Ethiopia [Research Stories]

More than 25% of DC’s 5,000 cab drivers hail from Ethiopia.

RealClimateGW [SURE Stories]

These SURE Award winners used their funds to make climate change real at GWU.

We’re Eating All the Snacks

We like to study study, we like to study study, we like to study study. STUDY!

Is Obama More Popular than he Should Be? [Good Article]

Check out this article by Prof. John Sides at FiveThirtyEight on his research.  UHPer  Jessica Burnell has been RA’ing on this work with Prof. Sides all semester! What’s striking, however, is that Mr. Obama may be more popular than he should be. That is the result of some new analysis that will be included in a […]

The Future is Here, Thanks to Engineers [SURE Stories]

The SURE Award helped Sush Rajeeven and her engineering team create a wireless health monitoring device.

Continuity, Change, and the Evolution of the Federal Minimum Wage [SURE Stories]

Jonathan Robinson used the SURE Award to travel to the Midwest Political Science Association 2012 Meeting to present his work completed with the Luther Rice Collaborative Research Fellowship.

“Like” Us on Facebook Before You Leave!

We’re sad to see you go, but before you pack up and head home, make sure to “Like” us on Facebook first! That way you’ll take the UHP back with you – along with the memories and photos from this year, and announcements for the upcoming years! You can also stay in touch with all […]

Seniors: Cords and Tickets

You’re facing down finals today, but soon you’ll be walking the walk and finally graduating! Make sure you’ve got your gold honors cords around your shoulders and tickets to our fabulous reception!   How? Complete the online senior survey! To keep your responses private, you have to click the link at the end of the […]

Warning: UHP Dinner Approaching

Cheap, all-you-can-eat food. Why haven’t you signed up yet?