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The Seizure Detection Device [SURE Stories]

UHP student Pavan Jagannathan uses SURE Award funds to develop a seizure detection device.

Congratulations to our Graduating Seniors!

You’ve come a long way, and you’ll go far, but you can always stay close to the UHP!

Join the UHP Linkedin group!

Facebook is fun, Twitter is titillating, and Pinterest is great for procrastination. But if you want to make professional connections and get yourself noticed in the world of work, LinkedIn is your new best friend. Join the members-only UHP Linkedin group where you can connect with fellow UHP students, faculty members, and alumni to ask […]

Television, Pizza, and Political Beliefs [SURE Stories]

Kara Dunford uses SURE funds to find out the real world effects of fictitious TV programming.

Reduced Study Hours

Through Wednesday the 15th, study hours in the UHP town house in Foggy Bottom will be reduced to only 9am-5pm.  We’ve still got the snacks and coffee for you to come study for any lingering finals though!

Coo-KIES, Conferences, and the SURE Award [SURE Stories]

Katie Winters presented her research on children’s speech production in Seattle, with help from the UHP SURE.

Win $500 from the Eckles Prize!

There’s still time, dont’ forget to enter!

Research for the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies [Jobs]

The Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies seeks a contract researcher to gather information and write encyclopedic entries. This is a paid job.

Writing Hollywood [SURE Stories]

The following post is written by UHP student Jacob Garber, who received a UHP SURE award for research in Spring 2013. — Hollywood TV is created behind the closed doors of the writers’ room. The writing staff brings life to comedies and dramas alike, yet the operation of these writers is largely unexplored. I am […]

“Like” Us on Facebook Before You Leave!

We’re sad to see you go, but before you pack up and head home, make sure to“Like” us on Facebook first! That way you’ll take the UHP back with you – along with the memories and photos from this year, and announcements for the upcoming years! You can also stay in touch with all of your […]