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The Physics of Rock Climbing!

The following post is written by UHPer and SPA member Kerry Lanzo — My freshman year in the UHP, Professor Kung taught me Einstein’s theory of relativity. On Saturday, she revealed a different talent to four UHPers for a thrilling new type of professorial experience: rock climbing. Through three hours of Professor Kung’s (and company’s) […]

Study Hours Continue at the UHP

Coffee, snacks, space, and some serious motivational support.

Yoga with Liz!

Stretch out, don’t stress out!

Capital Climate Initiative Open House [Event]

Join Prof. Miller’s science class for this open house presentation Friday, May 3rd from 10:30am to noon in the UHP town house in Foggy Bottom!

Win $500 from the Eckles Prize!

Freshmen with an excellent research paper from this year can win up to $500! Enter now!

Save Time With Twitter!

We know you’re going into finals & don’t have much time, so you should follow us on twitter where everything longer than 140 char’s is cut o …. See how well that works?  Follow us here.

Today is April 30th

Do you know what that means about tomorrow?

Study Hours in the UHP

Study hours in the UHP means coffee, snacks, and actual space to study!

Baby William’s Book Tasting: Curious George and the Puppies

Fans and followers of my book reviews can breathe a sigh of relief – Curious George gets better!

UHP, Phil Students Public Defense

Two UHP seniors in philosophy are publicly defending their theses Friday, May 3.