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#HonorsProblems – Making the Honors Program a Home

Graduating senior Eleanor Klibanoff tells how she got over her sophomore slump, found support when she needed it, and made the UHP a home.

GW Troubadours Spring Concert

Which UHPers make the GW Troubadours truly complete? Why, the UHPers in the audience, of course! Check them out on Friday, May 2 at 7:30pm at the United Church.

From Bolivia-And Elsewhere-With Love [Study Ablog]

Sophia Lin a junior studying abroad in Vietnam, Morocco, and Bolivia this semester!

Today is April 30th….

It’s gonna be May.


GW Hillel to be Honors Program neighbor in Foggy Bottom townhouse!

Did you know that there are two other departments in the Foggy Bottom townhouse? Our second floor neighbors are moving out, and GW Hillel is moving in! It’s like departmental room-swap!

Science Open House at the UHP [Snacks and Science]

Check out Prof. Miller’s Climate class present their CO2 sensor project this Tuesday, April 29th, from 11:15-12:45 in the UHP townhouse club room!

Get Your Student-Faculty Dinner Tickets Today!

Get your student-faculty dinner tickets today or miss out on the chance to hang with Kanye West, Liz Lemon and two very excited corgis.

Thinking about grad school? Get a head start with a dual-degree from GW!

Breanna Browne explains how she got a head start on her Master of Public Administration degree with a dual-degree program at GWU.

Baking and Bonding Events with the SPA!

Have a cookie, leave a cookie; need a cookie, take a cookie! That, and a chance to say “thank you!” (Or a just chance to draw a hand turkey…. or a chance to draw a hand turkey that says “thank you!”) These events are happening soon, so check them out now!

The Sotomayor Style [Good Article]

In a New Republic article, Prof. David Fontana , University Honors Program Faculty Fellow for 2013-2014, says that Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s stirring dissent in the recent case involving affirmative action shows why she’s a national treasure.