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“Like” Us on Facebook Before You Leave!

We’re sad to see you go, but before you pack up and head home, make sure to“Like” us on Facebook first! That way you’ll take the UHP back with you – along with the memories and photos from this year, and announcements for the upcoming years! You can also stay in touch with all of your […]

Add Us To Your Facebook Routine!

You check your Facebook morning, noon, and night. On the couch, in bed, and in class. On your phone, on your laptop, or even on the work computer! You probably use Facebook more than your toothbrush. So why not make following the UHP page part of your daily Facebook regimen? Our page is where you’ll find up-to-the-minute […]

Liking Spring Break? Like Us On Facebook Too!

We hope you’re enjoying your Spring Break!  With all of this free time, you should have no problem remembering to “Like” us on Facebook and tell us about it! The UHP Facebook page is your place to share your fun, (responsible) spring break activities with us at the Honors Program.  Hope you all did a  good job on your […]

Post Lolcats On Our Facebook Page!

    You know we love hilarious cat pictures.  Everyone does.  But we wonder, are there any UHP-style lolcats out there?  If you find them, make sure to share them with us on Facebook.  Yes, we’ve already covered chemistry cat.  The ball is in your court.

A New Years Resolution: Like Us on Facebook!

There are so many different New Years Resolutions to choose from. Why not make it easy on yourself and pick one that’s quick AND easy to accomplish? Just “Like” the UHP on Facebook. You’ll benefit from getting updates, seeing awesome photos of your friends, and further integrating the coolness  of the UHP into your everyday life. No situps […]

Cops On Twitter, Cops on Facebook [Event]

**This event has been cancelled, and we will reschedule for sometime during the Spring 2013 semester.**   There are still seats left! Join Professor Lori Brainard and her research assistant Andrew Beauregard for this exciting public lecture on how municipal police departments use social media.  Prof. Brainard is a Faculty Fellow with the University Honors […]

Police and Social Media [Event]

How are police using social media? How will they use it in the future? Join Faculty Fellow Prof. Lori Brainard and find out!

We Like You… Why Not “Like” Us?

We may not play Mafia Wars with you or help you build a fence in Farmville, but we do have facebook timeline!  If you “Like” us on Facebook we’ll be able to see all of the cool things you’re doing – and you’ll be able to see cool UHP-related news, opportunities, free food events, and photos! We also […]

Halloween + Facebook + The UHP = ?

Now is the time to start planning (or calling dibs on) your Halloween costume to be sure that nobody else will copy you! Whether you prefer super scary costumes, “sexy” themed outfits – like witches, nurses, or a certain North Korean dictator – or funny and ironic costumes… we want to see them on Facebook! […]

A New School Year, A New Facebook…

Remember when the UHP Facebook page used to look like this? Now our page looks like this: And – despite the changes to Facebook – we’re continuing to share events and cool links, plus we’ve got piles of photos that go back more than 10 years (don’t worry, they’re organized.)  Come check it all out […]