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Freshman Honors Community Welcome [Event]

The freshman Honors community welcome dinner is on Wednesday, 8/31 from 6-9 in Post Hall!

October Small Group Meetings

Freshmen, sign up now for October Small Group Meetings! You’re going to be SO prepared for spring registration!

Freshman Small Group Meetings

Hey Freshmen! Sign up for a small group meeting time. What’s that, you ask?  Here’s some of the stuff we’ll cover at this round of small group meetings: Learn how to make a 4-year plan! Time Management 101! Get answers to all your UHP-related questions! Think of these as your orientation to the University Honors […]

Freshmen Honors Community Welcome [Event]

Freshman move in is right around the corner, and we are so excited for you to get here! There’s going to be a lot going on your first week at GW, but don’t miss the Honors Community Welcome dinner, exclusively for incoming Honors freshmen, on Wednesday, September 2nd from 6-8 PM in Post Hall on the Mount […]

Colonial Bellhop (Move-In Help for Freshmen!)

Hey Class of 2019! Are you a lil anxious about move in? Don’t want to deal with the frosh mobs and the schlepping? Make freshman move-in day stress-free with the help of Colonial Bellhop’s optional move-in service. For $125, the GW Cheerleaders, Dancers, and Colonial Brass band will meet you curbside, unload your car or truck, […]

Freshmen Small Group Advising [Sign up!]

Get ready for registration, course selection, and next year’s requirements! Freshmen small group meetings happen next week. Informational and mandatory, you won’t want to miss them. Sign up now!

Four Year Plan Deadline Coming Soon

Freshmen! This is your last chance to go over your four year plans with Catherine before registration! Make an appointment right now.

Four Year Plan(ning)

Freshmen have until October 25th to meet with Catherine and show her their complete four year plans!

Freshmen: Honors Advising Workshop Follow-Up

Get your ducks in a row with all the info Honors students need to know! From the Student Handbook, to the SPA, to an upcoming event with other UHPers. If you missed the HAW, you can catch up by making an individual appointment with Catherine.

Freshmen: Go to Honors Advising Workshop

Freshmen find out all about Honors expectations, requirements, and all the tricks and tips they’ll need to get the most out of their Honors experience at GW at the Honors Advising Workshop.