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#HonorsProblems: Graduating Early, or an Essay of Hope

Peer Advisor Eva tackles deciding to graduate early in this edition of #honorsproblems.

#HonorsProblems: In Praise of Failure

The following blog post was written by Peer Advisor Eamonn, a heterodoxic sophomore studying philosophy and international affairs. You can find out more about Eamonn here. In Praise of Failure: Why the Worst is [generally] for the Best Though we’d universally prefer another contribution to such riveting themes as “The Intern Files”, “Study A-Blog” or “The […]

#HonorsProblems: Setting Expectations for Yourself

Peer Advisor Michaela talks about overcoming a rough semester and setting realistic expectations for success.

#HonorsProblems: The Official 10-Step Guide to Major Changes

Peer advisor Eva talks through her experience deciding to change majors, and overcoming the feeling that change = failure.

#HonorsProblems – Stress and Pressure (Concepts from Solids and Fluids)

This post was written by peer advisor Lydia Gleaves, a junior in SEAS, studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in robotics. Do you remember the year that you learned to write in cursive? They probably told you that you would always have to use cursive in the real world. Odds are, you don’t write exclusively in […]

#HonorsProblems-Going Home for the Summer

Kayleigh Ryherd tells you her best tips on putting your summer to use and molding it to fit your goals.

#HonorsProblems–Registering for Classes Without Privileged Registration

UHPers don’t get privileged registration forever. Kate Kozak chimes in with her tips on how best to handle registering for classes when you find yourself registering with your regular credit-hour cohort.

#Honorsproblems – Summer Internships: Who, What , When, Where, Why, How?

A summer internship sure beats sitting on your parent’s couch all summer. UHPer Kevin Frey tells us his best tips for scoring an awesome summer internship.

#Honorsproblems – Buying Textbooks on the Cheap

Michelle Stuhlmacher gives her 6 best tips for how to make next semester’s book purchases affordable.

#HonorsProblems – 5 Tips for Stress Management

Midterm season is here. Registration is coming soon. One thing you don’t need: getting stressed out. Sometime, the most important thing to do is…