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Honors Contracts Due Friday 1/29

Taking an Honors internship, research course, or senior thesis? Make it count for credit with the Honors Contract! The deadline to hand yours in for the Spring 2016 semester is Friday, January 29th.

New Spring Class and SR&D Update

Check out our recently added Self and Society course, as well as changes to a Scientific Reasoning and Discovery section (with the changes in red!), just in time for Spring 2016 registration! Gender Activism in the Muslim World Professor Kelly Pemberton HONR 2048.MV – 3 Credits CRN: 77947 R 1:00-3:30 PM Course Description:  This undergraduate […]

Spring 2016 Registration Guide #Official #Verified

Spring 2016 registration is upon us! Make sure you’re in good shape by reviewing our *official* registration guide!

October Small Group Meetings

Freshmen, sign up now for October Small Group Meetings! You’re going to be SO prepared for spring registration!

Still Tweaking Your Fall Schedule? Take a Second Look at These Classes

Still trying to ensure the perfect fall 2015 schedule? Take a look at some of these Honors courses with open seats! HONR 2048:11 – Islamic Economics, Finance and Development: Theory versus Reality w/ Prof. Askari CRN: 65653; R 12:45-3:15 PM Islam is an immutable rules-based system with a prescribed method for humans and society to achieve material […]

Fall 2015 GPAC Additions/Subtractions

CCAS STUDENTS: The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies has made several late G-PAC decisions that may impact your class selection for summer or fall. Courses have been added to various categories at the recommendation of departments; others have been removed, having been judged as not meeting the learning goals established by the Columbian College faculty. These […]

Prof. Grier’s Introduction to “How We Now Think”

Interested to know more about Professor David Alan Grier’s “How We Now Think” course? Check out this video he made giving a quick introduction to his brand new Self and Society course! HONR 2048.12 meets Wednesdays from 3:30 to 6. Check it out! P.S. 10 points to anyone who can identify the Victorian novel being parodied […]

Pizza, Advising, Pizza, CCAS hold removal, and Pizza

Get your CCAS advising holds removed and eat for free.  Catherine and Mary can remove advising holds for CCAS students, and are also available to give anyone advice and scheduling help. If you’re a CCAS student planning to get your advising hold removed by Catherine or Mary, you’ll need to fill out an Advisor Approval Form. Stop by […]

#HonorsProblems–Registering for Classes Without Privileged Registration

UHPers don’t get privileged registration forever. Kate Kozak chimes in with her tips on how best to handle registering for classes when you find yourself registering with your regular credit-hour cohort.

Freshmen Small Group Advising [Sign up!]

Get ready for registration, course selection, and next year’s requirements! Freshmen small group meetings happen next week. Informational and mandatory, you won’t want to miss them. Sign up now!