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Elliott School Undergraduate Scholars Program

The following blog post was written by Jenny Hamilton, a senior in the Elliott School of International Affairs and an Elliott Undergraduate Scholar. Would you like the opportunity to spend winter break in Haiti or Bosnia? Do you want to probe the minds of top US diplomats on the potential for an embassy in Iran?  Would […]

2015 Strasser Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Strasser Writing Prize competition!  We have one first place winner, and two runners-up! 1st Place: Jacob Greenblatt Freshman “Buddhism & Environmental Ethics” Written for Origins with Prof. McManus Runners Up: Brooke Talbot Senior “Memorializing Disease: The Public Contribution to the FDR Memorial Wheelchair Statue” Written for  Prof. Gamble’s Epidemics […]

UHP Research Showcase

You are invited to celebrate the research of your peers at the University Honors Program Research Showcase! Enjoy brief, casual talks and ask questions Thursday, April 30th from 1pm to 3pm in the Club Room of the Honors Townhouse.  Let your fellow UHP’ers know how proud we are of their dedication and willingness to take […]

Stone house

Sustainable Gardening in Brazil [Research Stories]

Haley Burns’ SURE funded research led her to live in a tent in wild Brazil, where she built a self-sustaining garden.

Honors Contract

Honors Contracts Due in 2 Weeks

If you’re doing independent research, an internship, or the like for Honors credit, you have until 9/12/14 to complete an Honors Contract.

Last Chance for Honors Contract

If your’e taking a contract course, you need to complete an Honors Contract by the end of this week!

Apply to be a Presidential Administrative Fellow!

Did you know there are four UHP graduates who are PAFs? You could be the next to join the ranks of this prestigious fellowship.

Last Chance for Research Assistantship!

You could be doing important work on topics ranging from political interest groups to advanced biology. Be a research hero’s sidekick by partnering with a professor as a research assistant!

Last Chance for $500 [SURE Award]

You could use research funds to access special collections, travel to important conferences, attract focus group participants, purchase necessary equipment or software, and more! The possibilities are endless, but the deadline is Friday.

Become a Research Assistant

Faculty look for the best and brightest at GWU to be research assistants on projects from political interest groups to advanced biology. Are you the student they’ve been looking for?