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2016 Research Showcase Recap

The UHP Research Showcase was a huge success!

UHP Research Showcase

Come celebrate the work of your peers at the UHP Research Showcase!

Congrats to our Sure Award Winners

Congratulations to Victoria Luckenbaugh and Eileen Emerson, our SURE Award winners!

Win $500 with the Eckles Prize for Freshman Research Excellence

You already did the work, all you have to do it hit submit!

Congratulations to our SURE Award Winners

Congratulations to Paul Scotti, Benjamin Helfand, and Yaron Ginsburg for winning the UHP Sure Award!

Let’s Talk About Bosnia [SURE Stories]

Sarah Freeman-Woolpert discusses her interviews with young activists in Bosnia.

To Democracy or Not to Democracy? [SURE Stories]

Jenny Hamilton shows how the best laid research plans of mice and men often go awry.

When Did This Guy Die? A How-To Guide [SURE Stories]

Kathryn Coté researches an age-at-death estimation tool at the Smithsonian.

A View from the Top (of a Landfill) [SURE Stories]

Julia Wagner’s trip to Argentina explored the culture of recycling in Buenos Aires.

Talk Fishy to Me [SURE Stories]

Simon Wentworth goes deep discussing the Fathead Minnow.