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Winter Grads, Last Chance!

Honors students graduating this semester have only a few days left to fill out this important form.

Honors Contract Deadline Soon

Are you missing an Honors Contract? By the end of this week, you’ve run out of time to submit yours.

Honors Contracts Due Soon

If you’re an Honors student with an Honors senior thesis, research assistantship, internship, or other undergraduate research – you need an Honors Contract!

Congratulations to our Graduating Seniors!

You’ve come a long way, and you’ll go far, but you can always stay close to the UHP!

Graduating? Let us know!

You’ve got one day to notify us of your intent to graduate. It takes all of 3 minutes.

Brag a Little, You’re Graduating!

You know what VP Joe Biden would say about you graduating? Hint: starts with “Big” and ends with “Deal.”

Fill Out Your Graduation Form

We guarantee you’ll be happier if you fill out this form. Actually, for real, legit, you will.

Graduating? Let us know!

Hey seniors! Are you graduating? Make sure to let us know or you could miss out!

Intending to Graduate?

Here’s our last call, seniors. If you’re graduating this December, let us know.

Last Chance for Special Honors

Seniors, here’s our final reminder (we promise we’ll stop nagging now): Special Honors Verification forms are due this Friday by 5pm. ┬áDon’t delay!