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Let’s Talk About Bosnia [SURE Stories]

Sarah Freeman-Woolpert discusses her interviews with young activists in Bosnia.

To Democracy or Not to Democracy? [SURE Stories]

Jenny Hamilton shows how the best laid research plans of mice and men often go awry.

When Did This Guy Die? A How-To Guide [SURE Stories]

Kathryn Coté researches an age-at-death estimation tool at the Smithsonian.

A View from the Top (of a Landfill) [SURE Stories]

Julia Wagner’s trip to Argentina explored the culture of recycling in Buenos Aires.

Talk Fishy to Me [SURE Stories]

Simon Wentworth goes deep discussing the Fathead Minnow.

Race and the Culture of Breastfeeding [SURE Stories]

Laura Schwartz explores the relationship between breastfeeding and race within the context of the culture of breastfeeding.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow [SURE Stories]

“Michelle Stuhlmacher addresses the societal impact of snowfall.”

Television, Pizza, and Political Beliefs [SURE Stories]

Kara Dunford uses SURE funds to find out the real world effects of fictitious TV programming.